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Orenburg Shawl
Russian Federation, Orenburg
Go Nutra


Union 1
2020-12-27 18:12:22 (Sale/Trade: seller, union, betarill)
(from Russian Federation)

PKB, corp(flour confectionary products);
AKF, Ltd (eastern confectionary products);
BKhF, Ltd (Halava products);

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The Shipping Calculator
2020-09-08 00:05:32 (Sale/Trade: shipping, calculator, goods, seller)

Dear Sellers!

We introduce the general shipping calculator for determining the shipment cost of your goods. The shipping calculator is simplfied to only depend on the Gross Weight(w), while BetaRill allows you to specify weight calculations for various ranges of weights. To get started, you will need to use the ...

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Permitted Food Products for Sale on BetaRill
2020-03-14 21:15:11 (Sale/Trade: permitted, food, products, betarill, br)

1. Food Products only with natural and healthy ingredients: there is not allowed products with palm oil, any vegetable fat, hydrogenated fat/oils and other harmful additives and ingredients.
2. Marshmallow/Zefir
3. Marmelade, Jelly, Jam
4. Honey (liquid only if ...

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Rules of sale on BetaRill
2020-03-11 21:17:40 (Sale/Trade: rules, sale, betarill)

1. Sell on only Permitted Food Products

2. Learn about prohibited goods and information on the article.

3. Placement of goods on is not available till ...

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How to sell your goods and do this endlessly on BR
2019-08-09 22:51:43 (Sale/Trade: sell, goods, br)

We guess the post will be useful for those who only start trade activity or even has the experience. And so how to get your first customers? How make current customers to buy endlessly from you (not only one time)? How to find more new customers? Next below information will give answers at the questions:


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Shipping price rates for BR Sellers
2019-07-29 22:13:44 (Sale/Trade: shipping, price, rates, br, seller)

Dear BR Sellers!

Shipping any goods to your customers you should to consider next Shipping Price Rates:

1. Local/Home country shipping - 10%-30% of the Order's cost;

2. International shipping - 30%-50% of the Order's cost. 

Use next rules to set the shipping price rates: ...

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BR Seller, protect yourself!
2019-07-27 22:04:54 (Sale/Trade: br, seller, protect)

Dear BR Members-Sellers!

In order not to be deceived and get the payments from your buyers we recommend you next:

1) to pack the packages in the presence of witnesses (for example, the carrier company's employees), 

2) to take shots of all shipping ordered goods,


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Buy Goods on BetaRill - Your Money are in Safety!
2019-07-27 17:45:38 (Sale/Trade: buy, goods, betarill, money, safety)

Dear BR Members-Buyers!

You no need to be scared to lose your money and not get the ordered goods (if the Seller will want to deceive you! Because we will not let this to happen!


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Can I purchase goods from a few Sellers once?
2018-11-12 19:24:31 (Sale/Trade: pay, several sellers, betarill)

You can to add different Sellers' goods to your Shopping Cart once but you will have to pay for each Seller's goods separately, but it's very easily! Because you pay for any Goods using BR Wallet.


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How can I to buy goods on BetaRill?
2018-11-12 09:52:18 (Sale/Trade: buy goods, products, betarill)

1. Add your desirable shipping address

1. Search a desirable a product among presented goods by BetaRill's Sellers (or Search on usernavbar -> Search Other items button ->  Gooods); 


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How to open an Online Store on BetaRill?
2018-11-11 18:27:02 (Sale/Trade: sale, trade, online store, betarill)

What do I need to do to open an online store on

First, you need to decide what you will be to use as a showcase/store for your goods.

What can I to use as a showcase/store for my goods?

As a a showcase/store for your goods you can to use Goods tabs of next items:

1. Your User Prfofile


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Where do my goods display?
2018-11-11 17:36:40 (Sale/Trade: sale, trade, goods display, betarill)

1. Goods Search page 

2. This option depends on you what you will be to use as the showcase of your goods. This can be next variants:

1) Your own User Prfofile; 2) Your own any Business Page (Company,Project, Figure);

3. Interest pages.

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Send flowers to friends, relatives, beloved ones to Russia if you even are in USA and etc!

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