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BetaRill Team    Sellers Unions on BetaRill    Useful information/Reviews 
Union 1
2020-12-27 18:12:22 (Sale/Trade: seller, union, betarill)
(from Russian Federation)

PKB, corp(flour confectionary products);
AKF, Ltd (eastern confectionary products);
BKhF, Ltd (Halava products);
Peroni (Delicious natural cream honey desserts with different flavors);
Salina Trade (Salt products with different flavors);
Bioproducty (Natural pastes from different seeds and nuts);
Biomania (Natural Premimum Delicious chocolate products);
Magic Grain (Healthy dried bread with different flavors);
Natura Sibirica (Natural cosmetics);
Vilsen Group (Natural cosmetics);
Natalie (Women cotton clothing);
Zdorovtsov (Natural Sea Chips of laminaria, seeds and other ingredients;

You can to purchase only next chips which are available by the union conditions: with Laminaria/Onion and with Sweet Pepper )


Discount Conditions(the discounts depends on number of buyers/customers in the buyer group):

  • 5 customers = 5% discount
  • 10 customers = 10% discount
  • 15 customers = 15% discount
  • 20 customers= 20% discount

Note 1: All the extra shipping cost and discounts will be cashback at the customers' BR Wallet after the purchase.

Note 2: In order to participate in the Union 1 program and earn its benefits (discounts and etc), you need to create a group as a referrer (select type: Buyer Union), then get your referrals to join as members of the group next. You will get the discounts depending on how many members in your group are placing orders to buy goods from the sellers from Union 1. 

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