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BetaRill Team    Buy Goods on BetaRill    Useful information/Reviews 
How can I pay for BR Sellers' goods?
2019-07-28 20:35:45 (Websites: pay, br, sellers, goods)

1. You need to deposit your BR Wallet (Transfer account).

2. Pay for Goods using your BR Wallet (Transfer, or Income, or both accounts together) balance.

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BetaRill Team    Buy Goods on BetaRill    Useful information/Reviews 
Buy Goods on BetaRill - Your Money are in Safety!
2019-07-27 17:45:38 (Sale/Trade: buy, goods, betarill, money, safety)

Dear BR Members-Buyers!

You no need to be scared to lose your money and not get the ordered goods (if the Seller will want to deceive you! Because we will not let this to happen!

After Payment of the ordered goods on BetaRill, the Seller will get the amount but it will be on Pending Account, so the Seller will not able to use it or withdraw.

In order the Payment would be active for the Seller, you (as the customer) must to confirm that fact that you got the goods and in add in right conditions For this, on Shop Manager (My Orders tab), select the Status of the Order: Received, Not Received.

Also we recommend to our Members-Buyers:

1) to unpack the packages in the presense of witnesses (for example, the carrier companyy's employees), 

2) to take shots of all received ordered goods (even if the goods are in good state),

3) to print the Order's receipt out and put signatures with full names of the witnesses in any way (no matters the goods are in good or bad state) on it.

4) Upload the photos and the document (receipt) with signatures at a special Album for the Order.

Note! If you will get a product(s) in not proper conditions but didnt make the above recommended listed points, to refund your spent money for the goods will be  impossible since you have not true evidence for it! Please be careful!

Additional Notes/Advice:

1. If the product is edible you need to take shots of the product's pack where is writen its Date of Manufacture and Date of Realization (Best Before). 

2. If the product is electronic/mechanic, the witnesses should give their signature and a repair service center should to provide the confirmation document that the device is not working or has some another deffect really (also upload it).

Anyway, contact us anytime if you get any issues with Service Providers, we will try to figure your situaton out and solve the problem the best way.

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BetaRill Team    Buy Goods on BetaRill    Useful information/Reviews 
Can I purchase goods from a few Sellers once?
2018-11-12 19:24:31 (Sale/Trade: pay, several sellers, betarill)

You can to add different Sellers' goods to your Shopping Cart once but you will have to pay for each Seller's goods separately, but it's very easily! Because you pay for any Goods using BR Wallet.


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BetaRill Team    Buy Goods on BetaRill    Useful information/Reviews 
How can I to buy goods on BetaRill?
2018-11-12 09:52:18 (Sale/Trade: buy goods, products, betarill)

1. Add your desirable shipping address

1. Search a desirable a product among presented goods by BetaRill's Sellers (or Search on usernavbar -> Search Other items button ->  Gooods); 

2. Finding  a good variant of the desirable product for you, click Add to Cart.

Note: if you could not find any suitable  product variant to purchase, create a Demand offer (type: Goods) to notify BetaRill's Sellers (users) what product you would want to buy!

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