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Interest System for Business & Advertising. Why?
2018-07-05 06:19:30 (Marketing/Advertising: interest, theme, advertising, business)

Because specifying Interest-Themes and Tags for your creations on, this will help to bring to you namely the suitable and desired customers to your item!

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What does the Interest System include?
2017-06-04 19:54:30 (Applications/Software: interest system, theme)

1. Specification: 1) Interest-Themes, 2) Tags (for your user profile and other items which you will create on

2. Search items by interest-thmes and tags.

3. Interest Pages



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Interest Pages: what is this?
2017-04-10 19:56:33 (Applications/Software: interest pages)

What are Interest Pages on

Interest Pages are as if presentors of different human interests (what people are interested in).

What do Interest Pages display?

On Interest Pages are displayed ALL Users' Creations* on each according tab.

Who can to create Interest Pages?

Interest Pages are created only by BetaRill Team.

What you can to do on Interest Pages?

1) You can to make any Creations

2) View other created Posts, Offers, Pages, Blogs and etc

What you can to do with Interest Pages?

1) You can add any Interest Page to your Bookmark List

2) Share any Interest Page with your BetaRill Contacts or on other social platforms.


*CREATIONS: Offers (Goods, Services, Job Postings, Partnerships, Demands), Business Pages (Company, Project/Brand, Figure(Person)/Group), Interest Pages,  **Posts (General, News, Events, Actions, Articles, Discounts, Presentations, Useful Information, Questions), Blogs, Images/Photo Albums.


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