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BetaRill's Functions
2017-06-08 16:36:57 (: betarill, social network, functions)

Basic Functions:

1. Business Pages (present your business);

2. Posts (share any information, post articles, news, ask questions and etc);

3. Groups (create, parcipate in groups, use groups for personal and business purposes);

4. Blogs (create blogs, use blogs for personal and business purposes);

5. Images/Photo Albums (Create Photo Albums/Upload Images);

6. Goods System (Sell & Buy Goods);

7. Service Offers (Provide/Offer and find Services);

8. Job System (Find Job & Do Recruiting);

9. Partnership Offers (Find: Business/Life/Friend/Affiliate Partners)

10. Demand Offers (demand Goods, Services, Business, Job, People, Customers);

Additional Functions:

1. Interest System (Expand your interests, learn new and promote your business else more efficiently!);

2. Bookmark System (Bookmark anything what you like or interested in):

3. Search System (find anything easy)

* General User Guide



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