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Groups system: how to work with it?

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Groups system: how to work with it? (Service sector)
2017-04-26 20:52:06 (News/Social Media: groups)

===>>> Create a Group       ===>>> Search Groups     ===>>>Let's help you to create a Group!

What is Group System on

Groups on BetaRill is such places where you can to talk and discuss a precise topic.

What is possible to specify on groups creating them?

You can to specify next:

1. Group Name

2. Type (precise (interests), request for help, industry, the world, countries, local, other (interests)); Choose one type.

3. Industry; 4. Sector; 5. *Theme; 6. Tags; 7. Description; 8. Rules; 9. Choose a Group Status:

1) The Group is Open for Joining
2) The Group is Closed for Joining
3) The Group is Hidden from Public
10. Choose who can make posts:
1) All Members
2) Only Moderators
3) Requires Post Requests Approval
11. Upload an image for the group.

What can you see on Groups on BetaRill?

Groups display:

1. Discussions; 2. Information (about the group); 3. Members;

4. More from the Moderator (additional information/creations from the User-Moderator)

How is possible to understand what status the group is: open or closed?

1. Open group has an unlocked icon around its title/name.

2. Closed group has a locked icon around its title/name.

===>>> Create a Group      ===>>> Search Groups     ===>>>Let's help you to create a Group!

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