Bookmark System: how to use it?
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Bookmark System: how to use it?
2017-04-03 21:43:20 (: bookmark, search)

What does BetaRill Bookmark System allow to do?

1. Add absolutely everything to your Bookmark List what is possible to create on  * (more about this read on the bottom of the articles in notes).

2. Use Bookmark Search (this function allows find users who bookmarked one or another item on, use as a marketing tool, this is available only for VIP Members).

How you can to add anything to Bookmarks?

Being on any page of any creation ( user profile, business page or something else) on, you will see a special Bookmark icon next the item's name/title, click it.

How you can remove anything from Bookmarks?

1) the UserNavBar (on top) => Hello, UserName (in the case there will be displayed your name) => User Profile => Bookmarks tab => Select that Bookmark which you want to delete.

2) Find the item using BetaRill Search System (it is on UserNavBar), 2) go to the item's page which you want to remove from your bookmarks, click it again, and the bookmark will be removed.

Where and what way are displayed your Bookmarked items?

Your Bookmarked item are displayed on a special Bookmarks tab of your User Profile by presise/according groups (what will not confuse you to find one or another bookmarked item).

How you can find/get the Bookmarks tab?

There is a few variants:

1. the UserNavBar (on top) => Hello, UserName (in the case there will be displayed your name) => User Profile => Bookmarks tab.

2. 1)  Being on your User Profile, click More tab, select Bookmarks subtab.


* Offers (Goods, Services, Job Postings, Partnerships, Demands), Business Pages (Company, Project/Brand, Figure(Person)/Group), Interest Pages,  **Posts (General, News, Events, Actions, Articles, Discounts, Presentations, Useful Information, Questions), Blogs, Images/Photo Albums.

** To add a Post to bookmarks, you need to click Like button (on the bottom of each post).

Did the post help you in usage of bookmarks on Then Like or bookmark the article! (Note: Liking a post, you automatically add it to your Post bookmarks list)

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