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Localization of your User Profile: what is it?
2018-03-23 12:08:08 (Websites: user profile, localization, betarill)

This feature allows to make your User Profile once on a few different languages. For this you need to add the translated basic info about you using the Localization tab on your user profile, 

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How can I Edit my User Profile?
2018-03-23 11:47:40 (Websites: user profile, edit, betarill)

Your User Profile page => Act for Profile button (around your name) => Edit Profile

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How I can find my User Profile?
2018-03-23 11:38:49 (Websites: user profile, betarill)

top UserNavBar  => click Hi, (your first name)

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What is User Profile on
2018-03-23 11:18:51 (Websites: user profile, betarill)

It's like your personal card where displays information about you (that you specified) and those items tthat you created on

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What does User Profile display?
2017-06-07 09:35:31 (Websites: user profile, betarill)

1. Posts & Events (any posts/events of yours (personal or office)

2. Goods (displays your goods if you have something for sale)

3. Services (displays your services if you ones for providing)

4. Partnerships (displays your partnership offers if you are looking any partners)

5. Business (display your business (pages) if you have one (-s))

6. About (a general information about you)

7. Resume (an information about your working experince + your Job Demand Application offer if you created it (if you are looking for a job))

8. Personal (displays your personal information (it's necesssary to fill this out especially if you are looking for a partner for Life/Love relationships))

9. Contacts (displays the Contact List of users as your contacts which you have on

10. Photos (displays your Photo Albums/Images/Phtos which you created on

11. Jobs (displays your Job offers if you are looking for employees)

12. Groups (displays the Groups List of yours what groups your created yourself or what groups you joined as a member)

13. Blogs (displays blogs which you created on

14. Demands (dsplays Demand offers which you created on

15. Bookmarks (your Bookmarks if you bookmarked any item on


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