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All about BR Partner types/subtypes & its benefits
2019-11-06 20:45:08 (Friendship/Partnership: br, betarill, valid, period, partner, type, subtype, benefit)

You need to fulfill some conditons  on Benefits Rates page (Partner Benefits tab)) to get one or another BR Partner type/subtype. 

On Benefits Rates page (Partner Benefits tab) you can to find all rates of different benefits which you receive getting one or another BR Partner type/subtype.

Note 1: Partner types are provided in the end of a month (but necessary conditons should be fulfilled by you)).

Note 2: Each BR Partner type lasts 1 entire month from getting it. 

Example: if you got the Partner type during July of 2019 year, so it's active within of August of 2019. If in the August you fulfill the contions to get it again, so you get it for September and use its benefits, if you don't f1ulfill, so you don't get it.

Note 3: You need to contact us and give the information what actions you made namely, after checking of the provided information by you, you will get one or different (or a few partner types once) and its benefits for next month. 

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BetaRill Team    BR Partner Club    Useful information/Reviews 
BR Community Watcher Partner subtype
2019-08-22 20:33:58 (Friendship/Partnership: br, betarill, community watcher, partner, subtype)

BR Community Watcher Partner subtype means you follow or at least at that case if you notice:

1. scamming, spamming or any different misbehavior/dishonest activity. rude/bad treatment in relation to any BR Member, you should to notify BetaRill team about this immediately! Thanks for your understanding and support!

2. a good and useful activity from other BR Members.

Note 1: You need to report at least about one miscondact of a BR Member to get the Partner subtype.

Note 2: The type is provided once after your report, after our checking of your informatin about the specified user by you and is active for next entire month.

Note 3: If you will make a fake report, then you will not get the subtype, and even may you can to get penalty for false evidence.

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BR Content Partner
2019-06-08 15:10:10 (Friendship/Partnership: br, betarill, content, partner, type, post)

BetaRill Content Partner type means you create different items on

Note 1: you need to create at least 1 item every month to get the BR Content Partner type and its advantages!

Note 2: create only valid, interesting and necessary items for other BetaRill Members! Spam, repeating, similar items will be removed, and also, your account can be blocked!

Note 3: the partner type is provided in the end of a month and is active the next entire month

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BR Supporter Partner
2019-06-06 21:11:40 (Friendship/Partnership: br, betarill, supporter, partner, type)

Support Partner means you help other members about BetaRill, below you can see the way how to do this:

1) Reply other members' questions on groups about BetaRill;

2) write Posts/Articles/Reviews about BetaRill;

3) upload any Images about BetaRill with interesting captions and etc;

4) create & upload any video about BetaRill on a video hosting website (share the video link on a blog/group of yours created on BetaRil and other social networking websites/blogging hosting onesl).


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BetaRill Team    BR Partner Club    Useful information/Reviews 
BR Member = BR Partner!
2019-04-29 16:26:53 (Friendship/Partnership: betarill, member, partner)

Dear BetaRill Members!

All of you, we consider not as our members and customers, but  partners!

What is the meaning of any partnership? Support, help, provide good use about anything to each other!

Being BetaRill Member you are partners not only for us, and not just we are partners for you, but you are partners between each other on BetaRill's space!

Why everyone is a partner for each other here?


1) someone shared an useful article or  replyed someone's post-question, this way, she/he helped to another to figure out or solve his/her problem by the information;

2) Someone sold useful goods or provided services and helped to someone this way;

3) more reasons you can to read here

Why you are partners with BetaRill?

1) using BetaRill, its services, giving your corrections and useful advice, accepting and using our Affiliate Program, you help us to improve our network;

2) we try to give you maximum use, convenience, innovativity to make your life maximum prosperous, happy and interesting!


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