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Blogs for Journalists
2018-10-07 18:42:14 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: blogs, journalist)

Dear Journalists!

Create blogs on BetaRill and share any News on them!

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How to start a blog (Part 2)
2018-10-06 22:56:08 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: betarill, start blogs)


1. Figure out what interests/hobbies you have;

2. Create one or a few blogs of some different themes suitable to your interests/hobbies;

3. Start to make posts as sharing of your own ideas/points, knowledge and/or skills.

Blogs-"folders" for "bookmarks":

1. Figure out what themes of what things would be interesting for you (note: if to figure out what themes could be interest you enough quickly, don't worry, just follow for your actions using the Internet for example, what you get browsing web, what you get interesting in your eyes while of everyday in the physical world, write all this down and share it on your blogs (on BetaRill)!);

2. Create one or a few blogs of some different themes supposed to your interests/hobbies;

3. Start to make posts as your "bookmarks".

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BetaRill Team    BetaRill Blogs    Useful information/Reviews 
Lead a blog for your business! Why?
2018-10-05 21:48:08 (Business: blogs for business)

Dear business owners/managers and freelancers to lead a blog for your business is a wonderful marketing method to get customers faster and more!

We advise you to lead several blogs for you business once for different topics This will allow to attract more customers and to tell about each item of your business in more details and interesting!

What content to use for your blogs?

1. You need to write maximum about your company (to get more idea about this variant you may to visit the official blog.

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Lead a Blog on BetaRill, Everyone! Why?
2018-06-17 17:28:29 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: lead blog, betarill, everyone, why)

Even if you didn't lead a blog before never. If you have not even the talent of writing as you think  or you just don't know about it:). If you don't know what to write about, at all... And still, you need to lead a blog namely on! And we will tell why you need to do this and what to write about, namely to you!

1. Earn money using our Profits Ads System! Without any efforts! Just leading your Blog

2. Blogs are a great tool to advertise something.

3. Using blogs you can to express yourself (share your ideas, thoughts, experiences, give useful advice to people about any llife area, and etc)

How to become a blogger and lead a blog even if you don't know what and how to write about, you can to learn about this in the blog.




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BetaRill Team    BetaRill Blogs    Useful information/Reviews 
How to create a blog?
2018-01-03 14:57:12 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: betarill, create, blog)

Your User Home page => Present button => Create a Blog 

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BetaRill Team    BetaRill Blogs    Useful information/Reviews 
What is to use BetaRill Blogs for?
2018-01-02 15:19:35 (: betarill, blogs)

Use BetaRill Blogs to:

1) create a new blog/online journal to share an information;

2) present a blog of yours existing on a different website;

3) collect/share different information/articles and other elements.

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BetaRill Team    BetaRill Blogs    Presentations/Resources 
What is BetaRill Blogs?
2018-01-02 15:05:44 (: betarill, blogs)

BetaRill Blogs allows to its users to create blogs to share any information using it for different purpose.

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BetaRill LLC    BetaRill Blogs    Useful information/Reviews 
How to start a blog? (Part 1)
2017-06-24 16:49:36 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: blogs, betarill)

Make blogs by any themes which you are interested in*:

 1. Share your own ideas/points, knowledge and/or skills about something (this can be any professional, household advice, something interesting about goods/products/services (maybe as reviews) and etc.

2. Use Blogs as "folders" for each theme with "bookmarks" (making each post-"bookmark", tell what is this (provide some description of it), write why this is interesting for you, provide the item's link (if it has one). 

Note: *Share on the blogs by any interesting things by the theme namely which you selected for your blog (how you named your blog)



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BetaRill LLC    BetaRill Blogs    Useful information/Reviews 
Blogs System: what is it?
2017-05-16 19:57:36 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: blog, betarill)

What is Blogs on

Using Blogs you can to write different things (in more details, below).

What I specify creating a blog?

1. Title

2. Type (General, Personal, Business, Technical, Support, Scientific, Social/Public)

3. Industry/Sector

4. Theme/Tags, 5. Description, 6. Upload an image for your blog

Note: Title, Type, Theme are necessary fields for filling out.

What I can to specify creating a blog entry/post?

1. Title

2. Poster (your blog, your User Profile, your Business Page, your group)

3. Type (General, News, Events, Actions, Articles, Discounts, Bonus, Presentations, Useful Information, Questions, Advice, Resource, Reviews)

4. Link, 5. Industry/Sector, 6. Theme/Tags, 7. Location, 8. Content.

Note: Title, Poster, Type, Theme, Content are important fields for filling out.

How other users will be able to find my blog and my blog's posts?

1. Using Blog Search 

2. Using Blogs Search

3. Using Interests Pages

4. Using different promotion actions.

How I can to create Blogs on

1) UserNavBar => Menu  => Blogs => Create a Blog.

2) Your User Profile => More tab => Blogs tab => Create a new Blog (the green button).

Did the post help you in usage Blogs system on Then Like or bookmark the article! (Note: Liking a post, you automatically add it to your Post bookmarks list)


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