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Why do you need to use Ready Ads Solutions?
2018-09-16 20:58:29 (Marketing/Advertising: betarill ready ads solutions)

Using the provided solutions by BetaRill,:

1. easily to start to advertise anything when you have not any marketing/advertising (and even you have:) ) experience;

2. good way to learn about new ways of promotion/advertising;

3. learn new about those tools which you are used to know, but didn't know how to use them the fullest that they work for promotion of your items the most efficient way!

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BetaRill Team    Ready Ads Solutions    Useful information/Reviews 
Ready Ads Solutions
2018-09-16 20:42:16 (Marketing/Advertising: ready ads solutions, betarill)

The project Ready Advertising Solutions from BetaRill will provide you with detailed instructions on how to advertise your items in different and efficient ways:

1. Business (brand/trademark), Services, Goods (there is variants for companies and freelancers);

2. Blogs/Posts, Groups;

3. Photo Albums/Images (Photo/Pictures);

4. Jobs, Partnerships, Demands;

5. User Profiles

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How to get customers to your Social Media account
2018-05-18 16:45:32 (Marketing/Advertising: get customers, promotion, social media account)

1. Sign Up (if you have not a account, yet);

2. Create a Blog (share your social media  accounts/pages' links and descriptions with your customers/followers);

3. Create a Photo Album (upload images/pictures of your social media accounts/pages)

4. Connect your created blogs (their posts) and photo albums (and their images) together by inner link.

5. Share your blogs and photo albums/images with your contacts or groups.

6.  Use other Advertising tools

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How to Get Customers to your Business
2018-05-17 16:28:56 (Marketing/Advertising: customers, promote, business)

Pay Attention, Freelancers! 

If you are a freelancer, you no need to use the point #2 from the below list!

1. Sign Up free (if you have not an account on, yet);

2. Create a Business Page for your Business (Company, or Business Project (Trade Mark),


1. Offer a Service (if your business provides any services);

2. Present Goods (if you have goods for sale);

3. Create a Demand offer (Customer type) - this will help your potential customers understand better what customers you need namely;

4. Create a Partnership offer (attract more small and big partners for your business)

5. Create a Photo Album (share any moments or info using uploaded photos or pictures/images with your customers),


1. Create a Blog (share any news and something interesting/useful with your customers about your business).

2. Create a Group (connect and talk with your customers using your own groups).


1. Specify close themes and exact tags for your created items (this will help more exactly for potential  customers to find namely your business);

2. Invite your Contacts to your Business Page (Selected Business Page -> Act for the Business button -> Invite Contacts option),

3. Use Promotion Services from BetaRill (Affordable, Helpful and Convenient!).




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