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Create anything!
2017-05-18 19:34:44 (: posting, business, marketing, user)


What I can to create on

1. Create Business Pages (Types: Company, Project, Figure (Person/Group))

2. Open Online Stores

3. Create Partnership offers (Types: Business Partner, Life Partner (love/romantic/marriage relationships), Friend, Affiliate, Bonus, Others)

4. Create Photo Albums | Upload Images

5. Create Groups (Types: Precise (interests), Request for help, Industry, The world, Countries, Local, Other (interests))

6. Create Service offers

7. Create Job offers

8. Create Blogs (Types: General, Personal, Business, Technical, Support, Scientific, Social/Public)

9. Create Demand offers (Types: Goods, Services, Job Applications, Business/Organizatiions, People, Customers)

10. Make Posts (Types:General, News, Events, Actions, Articles, Discounts, Presentations, Useful Information, Questions, Advice, Resource, Reviews, Bonus)

11. User Profiles (Display: your Personal info, Resume and another information about you)

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