How to open an online store on

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How to open an online store on (Trade and Sale)
2017-05-06 19:45:03 (: online store)

What I need to do to open an online store on

First, you need to decide what you will be to use as a showcase/store for your goods.

What I can to use as a showcase/store for my goods?

As a a showcase/store for your goods you can to use Goods tabs of next items:

1. Your User Prfofile

2. Your Business Page (Company,Project, Figure)

What next I should to do after my decision of the place as my goods' showcase?

You need to pass only 3 steps:

1. Update Address

2. Add Seller Details (* for this is enough just to specify Your Paypal Account)

3. Create Goods for Sale

What tool (-s) BetaRill has to manage my Sales/Store and Goods Purchases?

For your usage we have a special Tool: Shop Manager.

Where I can find the Shop Manager?

Shop Manager is on the top NavBar -> Wrench icon -> Shop Manager

What does Shop Manager include?

1. My Orders 2. My Sales

3. Other Actions: Update Address, Add Seller Details, Place Goods, Search for Goods

Where do my goods display?

1. Goods Search page 

2. This option depends on you what you will be to use as the showcase of your goods. This can be next variants:

1) Your own User Prfofile; 2) Your own any Business Page (Company,Project, Figure)

What way Goods can be displayed on my own User Prfofile or your own any Business Page (Company,Project, Figure)?

Each User Prfofile or any Business Page (Company,Project, Figure) has a special tab which is called Goods. This namely is the showcase of any your goods which you place for sale on

What goods I can to place for sale on

Please, learn Prohibited goods and information list.

Note! charges 2% sales fee for placing 1-5 goods, 1.5% sales fee for placing 6-10 goods, and only 1% sales fee for placing 11+ or unlimited goods.

* Read Goods System blog (from BetaRill Team)

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