Obligations of BR Members
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Obligations of BR Members
2019-07-24 22:30:09 (Websites: betarill, br, obligations, members)

1. Minimum age - 12 years old.

2. Specify valid information - 1) Your real name on your BR Account/User Profile(1); 2) Real Information on all items which you create on BetaRill.com(2).

3. Have only one User Account - Duplicate Accounts can be removed or merged.

4. Do not create similar or duplicate items(3) 

5. Obligation about Creation of Business Pages on BetaRill.com.

7. Insults & other indecent actions are PROHIBITED! - insults with regard to any BR Member's address, obscene expressions or any other unlawful actions.

8. Do not share any negative information, images, links, services, goods ( pornographic, violent, abusive) 

9. Comply the above listed points especially and here (1, 2)

Note! For failure to comply the above listed points, BR Members may to get penalty(depends on the infringement and the BR Member situation).


(1) User Account on BetaRill.com is a personal element since BR Members must to specify only their true names and info about themselves. Accounts with company or invalid names will be changed to Unknown User/Member  or removed if it appears a scam.

(2) Created Items by BR Members with not true and the more scam/spam content will be removed by BetaRill team.

(3) BR Members can not to have multiple indetical or very similar items which are considered duplicate, otherwise practically all duplicate items (including accounts) will be removed.


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