Prohibited goods and information

  1. drugs, bioactive supplements and medical equipment (as syringes, needles, scalpels), Botox, contact lenses and liquid for their storage
  2. stolen property
  3. state awards
  4. fake banknotes and fake signs of postal payment
  5. stocks and other securities
  6. spam databases, goods and services that may contribute to unauthorized mailings
  7. databases containing personal data
  8. materials containing state, banking or commercial secret
  9. military awards
  10. items sale violates copyright and/or neighboring rights of third parties, trademarks or patents
  11. materials, violating the secrecy of private life, violating the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities
  12. electronic cigarette
  13. any weapons and accessories - sights, shells, rifle butts, knives, etc.
  14. fishing nets, electrofishing
  15. items and services not intended for minors/underage
  16. subjects related to law enforcement
  17. exotic animals, as well as parts and organs of animals
  18. parts and organs of human beings
  19. tobacco products
  20. alcoholic beverages
  21. food, except perishables in the original packaging which complies with state quality standards for retail sale
  22. skins and products made of skins of rare and endangered species of animals
  23. fur
  24. means color copying
  25. encryption tools and secure the technical means of storing, processing and transmitting information