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Why BRAds is the best?
2018-06-17 13:57:51 (Investments/Finance: betarill ads profits system, brads)

Using BRAds, you no need to worry about such things like rating, clicks, views and etc of your website/blog.

Create any items which you'd want present/share to share with others, that's all. We will care about your profits ourselves! 

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Profit Percentage from BRAds
2018-06-17 13:48:15 (Friendship/Partnership: brads, earn money, profit percentage)

More about the percentage rates you can to learn on Ads Manager (Profit tab).




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What you need to do to use BRAds?
2018-06-17 13:43:10 (Friendship/Partnership: steps, use, brads)

You need to fulfill easy steps:

1) Specify your PayPal Account - where the profits will be transfered (User Home page => Useful => Specify PayPal Account);

2) Accept other users' items on your item create or edit pages using a special field (select what ads block on, you don't mind to display other users' items on your item's page).

Note 1: First, your profits earned using BRAds will be kept on BRITS (your BetaRill E-Wallet) until you will withdraw it.

Note 2: if you have not created anything on BetaRill, for this, you need to visit your User Home page => Click "Present" button => Select what you'd want to create.


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