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Note! Scammers!
2018-12-28 20:06:04 (Websites: scamming, promotion)

If you will purchase promotion for an item of yours, but BetaRil team will understand that it's more likely is a scamming advertising, your BetaRill's Account will be blocked, but your spent money we will not back to you, anyway, because it will be additional penalty for bad actions on our website!

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Penalty for spamming & scamming activities on BR
2018-11-24 21:06:23 (Websites: penalty, spamming, scamming, betarill)

Dear Users! If BetaRill team itself or some another user informs us about your spamming or/and scamming activities, BetaRill has to penalize you by different ways by various degree of severity:

1. if you are reported as an annoying spammer, you may get the following notifications from BetaRill team:

1) you will get a notification at first;


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Penalty for abuse by informing BR about spammers
2018-11-24 20:52:24 (Websites: penalty, abuse, betarill)

If you inform us about a user as a spammer or a scammer it means you hurt the person, so for this you will be penalized by different ways and degree of severity: 

1) BetaRill team can to take your earned scores partially or fully;

2) BetaRill team can to take your earned money using BetaRill own Profits/Affialte systems partially or fully;


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I got a spam message anyway!
2018-11-22 13:38:21 (Websites: betarill anti-spam, spam message)

So you got a spam message, or your contact list has a spammer now anyway, even in spite of all protection functions on BetaRill? Then let's figure out why this could happen!

If you got such a similar situation as described above, this could happen by your own will ...

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BetaRill Anti-Spam System
2017-04-04 19:58:47 (Websites: betarill anti-spam)

What does Anti-Spam do?

Doesn't allow just strangers to send Private Messages to you, Make Posts on your User Profile, Business Pages, Blogs, Add you as their Contact.

How does BetaRill Anti-Spam System work?


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BetaRill Anti-Spam system
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