I got a spam message anyway!
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I got a spam message anyway!
2018-11-22 13:38:21 (Websites: betarill anti-spam, spam message)

So you got a spam message, or your contact list has a spammer now anyway, even in spite of all protection functions on BetaRill? Then let's figure out why this could happen!

If you got such a similar situation as described above, this could happen by your own will: you might have accepted the user's Message Request so he could message you, or/and you might have accepted the user's Contact Request that you would be on each other' contact list. Just you accepted the requests not believing that actually the user could be a spammer, so such a result and you got. As it's understandable, you don't want to have such a user as your contact or/and that he/she would annoy you further by any spam messages. So what to do in the case? 

1. You need to contact and inform us about the happened situation and explain why you are sure that the user who became your contact or/and started to message, is a spammer.

2. After receiving the report of yours, our team will investigate and analyse the issue, which will fulfill these next actions:

1) if the user or/and his/her actions will be considered as true spamming, we will warn the user or once use any rejections/penalized actions about him/her (it depends on how much the user is spammer, how much annoying or even it's more like scamming aleady, and not spamming.

2) if our team will understand that the user sent a message to you not in malicious way (which means that it was actually sent by some valid reasons that for you the information in his/her message could be useful and etc), then you are more likely to be just confused about the user's actions. This means that he/she didn't anything contraindicated related to you, so we can't fulfill any rejection actions related to the user.

Note 1! Always let us know if you noticed something suspicious about a user's actions or behaviors on BetaRill, even if it is not directly related to you! We fight against spamming and scamming activities of malicious users by different ways diligently and endlessly!

Note 2! For informing us about suspecious users, you will get useful bonuses!

Note 3! For abuse of our bonus rule such as informing us about good users as spammers/scammers, you may be penalized for harming other users this way!

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