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For Business Owners/Managers/Freelancers
2017-06-23 15:07:04 (: business, management, betarill)

Note: Freelancers can not to do 4th and 5th points of the below list.

What steps should to pass every Business Owner/Manager for success on

1. Create Your Free Account (if you have not one so far).

2. Fill Your User Profile out maximum.

3. Hire a Personal Manager (if you haven't time to manage all business operations and more).

4. Create Your Company Page.

5. Create Your Business Project Page (if you have one).

6. Open Online Store (if your company has goods for sale).

7. Create Service Offers (if your company provides any services).

8. Use Recruiting Tools (if you are looking for employees).

9. Use Partner Tools (if you want to find partners and to expand your business this way).

10. Use other Tools to make Connections.

11. Use Marketing Tools (to promote your business).

12. Read Business Blog (from BetaRill Team).

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