Unique features of BetaRill
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Unique features of BetaRill
2018-06-17 14:18:57   (Websites: betarill, unique features)

1. Mass Share: using the tools you will not have to share some content with your every contact or on every group manually. Now you can to do this once in many places once! 

2. Mass Invitation: Now you can to invite many contacts of yours to a content/item once!

3. Inner Link: Every item on BetaRill has a special field for an inner link. The field is made that you could to advertise your items more wide. How does this work? Specifying a company page link of yours on a photo/image of yours, for example, you can to get customers more efficiently, because if a user will see your photo which is for your company, and he/shewill like it, so more likely he will visit by the link from the photo and to your company page! We are working that if you need to advertise anything so you could to get potential clients from every side!

4. Get Profits easily: only on BetaRill you can to earn money without any efforts and worries!

5. And more! Use BetaRill, and you will find a lot of interesting and new things for you!

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