Distribute your earned scores between items
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Distribute your earned scores between items
2018-11-06 21:59:41 (Websites: score, distribute, betarill)

For all of your earned scores, you may distribute them among your created items to make their ratings higher and in the meantime raise them in search.

On BetaRill, currently you can distribute only up to 10% from Base Scores and for only one time per a month*. Such a score distribution policy is made for prevention of large gaps between other users' items in comparison with yours.

*For example, if your distributed scores between items 2018/09/21, so it means that next time when you will be able to distribute scores between items 2018/10/21 (note: if you will not distribute you scores namely the appointed day, so all other earned scores by your after the date will be maintained by Pending Status, and become active only when you will assign though some score for some item.


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