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Ordland Euroboros    All about Mysidia scripts    Presentations/Resources 
2018-03-27 22:17:13 (Websites: adoptables, scripts, mysidia, mysidia adoptables) (from United States)

Well many of you may be wondering what I've been doing for Mys v1.3.4's development lately. The fact is that I am working on a project capable of handling collections of objects flexibly and professionally. It is called PHP Collections Framework, which is based on Java's Collections Framework. It is highly object-oriented, and will prove to be quite useful when Mys v1.4.0 comes out. Right now the script has difficulty handling collections, the problem will be resolved in not-so-distant future.

For those of you familiar with Data Structure, this is exactly what the Collections Framework is originally designed for. PHP's array is actually a quite popular and powerful data structure, but it still has issues. It is not object-oriented, nor does it provide some object oriented features. The Collections Framework is designed to replace PHP arrays.

At this point the Collections Framework has the following basic data structures: HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet, ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack, ArrayDeque, PriorityQueue, HashMap, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap. These data structures specialize at handling various types of collections, and they can be easily converted from/into each other. For more information regarding PHP Collections Frameworks, visit this link below for full coverage of this feature:

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