Services of BetaRill

Membership Plans

Plan Basic Plan Pro Plan Pro+ Plan
Price FREE $7.99/mo $14.99/mo

Note: Details of the features available for each plan is viewable for logged in users.

Item Creation Services

Item Creation Description Price(per item)
Post/Image Enable creating 1 more Post or Image on $0.01
Group/Blog/Album/Partnership/Demand Enable creating 1 more Group, Blog, Album, Partnership or Demand on $0.05
Good/Service Enable placing 1 more Good or Service on $0.10
Business Page Enable creating 1 more Business Page on $0.20
Job Offer Enable making 1 more Job Offer/Posting on $0.30

Note: BetaRill has monthly quota for how many items can be created, creating items within the limit is FREE. Once you exceed the quota, you may pay for Item Creation Services to create additional items.

Ad Services

Ad Service Purpose/Description Price(per month)
Display on top of search list Your items will randomly show up on the top of the search list $10
Highlight inside search list Your items will receive highlighted background color in search list $10
Get Access for RRS Items Gain Access to place your items on on the three ads(RRS) blocks $10
Show on Related Items Slideshow Your items will randomly show up on other users related items page. $15
Show on Similar Items Slideshow Your items will randomly show up on other users similar items page. $15
Search Pro Your ad will be placed on the very search page which is according to the ad item type. The ad will be displayed on above search result table and every 3 search positions. $30

Promoter Services

Promoter Service Purpose/Description Price(per month)
Promoter One Personal Promotion Manager $30
Promoter Zero Advanced Personal Promotion Manager $35

Note: More details about the above services is viewable for logged in users.

Note: BetaRill accepts payments in currency of USD or RUB.