How to buy and pay on

How I can to buy?

  1. Search necessary goods which you are looking for purchasing.
  2. Finding needed Good, look who of seller have the goods for sale.
  3. Have Selected right Seller and goods, click Add to Cart or Pay Now.

*Note: For purchasing deliverable goods, you will need to specify your billing/shipping address.

How you can to pay's Users' goods and's Services?

You can to pay using your personal PayPal account or any debit/credit card.

Can I put goods of several Users-Sellers to my shopping cart once?

Yes, you can. By one click of payment you will be able to process payment to several sellers once.

Can I to pay only a good of my shopping cart not paying all goods of it?

Yes, you can.

Where do transfer your money at payment of any Goods?

Your money transfer to the User-Seller's account of the goods that you paid for, once.