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2020-02-10 21:03:21 (Friendship/Partnership: support betarill)

Dear BetaRill Members!

We are very grateful you are a part of our big "family"!

If you like BetaRill, its functions, services, the ideas which our team includes to it to make our social platform useful and intersting by different ways, so we will be glad to your support!

You can to support us absolutely by different ways! Any contribution of yours can to help us more to make all the time better!

Support us next ways:

1. Be our Partner anywhere (be active on BetaRil, follow next conditions, it is simply for everyone!l);

2. Sell goods, Provide services, Transfer Money to your friends, relatives and etc using our platform;

3. Deposit your Service Funds Account to donate us but you can to use the deposited money for your own purposes anytime later!

Thank you for understanding and support! We work and improve our website everyday for your better life!

*Note! Being registered on, you have already Basic Partner type and its benefits! Act more to get more!

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