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BR fee, not less $1: explanation
2019-07-25 21:11:40 (Income: br, betarill, fee, $1)

BetaRill charges from 1% to 0,1% fee but not less $1 for Withdrawal and Monthly Balance.

1. Withdraw: for example, if you will want to withdraw $5, the fee rate is 1%, that is, 1% of $5 is $1, but BetaRill will charge $1, anyway, so your PayPal account will get $4.

2. Monthly Balance in the end of a month:

1)for example, if your Checking Balance has more  $200, then the fee will be 0,9%($1,8);

2) if your Checking Balance is $5, so you will be charged $1, anyway, not just 1% of the amount;

3) if your Checking Balance is less even $1, for example, $0,35, so then in the month you will be charged the $0,35, and other $0,75 will be charged from your BR Wallet at your next deposit of your Checking Account.

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful information/Reviews 
BR Monthly Balance fee: explanation
2019-07-20 16:51:46 (Friendship/Partnership: br, fee, balance, monthy)

For example, your Transfer Account, Income Account or both have balance $100 at the end of a month, then BetaRill charges 1%($1) in the case. The $1 is saved on Transfer account, and you can use it to transfer between BetaRill Members and etc, anyway.

Note 1: for every month the fee charge will be saved on your Transfer account on BR Wallet. Assume your balance is $100 at first month, $50 at second month and $200 at third month, then:

1st month was charged $1(1%), 2nd charged $1.5(1%), 3rd month charged $1.8(0.9%), and all the charge amounts will be saved to Transfer Account.

In this case, if you will request Withdrawal of funds, ie. $300 in 4th month, you will get $300- $1 - $1.5 - $1.8 - $2.4(0.8% from $300) = $293.3. 

Note 2: all charge amounts depend on what balance you have on your Transfer Account, Income Account or both (charge rates are from 1% to 0,1%, look BR Wallet (Rates tab).

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful information/Reviews 
BR fees for Withdraw: explanation
2019-07-20 16:25:15 (Friendship/Partnership: br, fees, wallet, explanation)

1. If you will specify to withdraw the whole amount of money from the Transfer, Income or both accounts on your BR Wallet, then BetaRill team will save the necessary fee percentage on your Transfer account, and the major part of your money will bed transferred to your PayPal account, of course.

2. If you will specify an amount of money (not the whole one) to withdraw, and the rest part of your Transfer, Income or both accounts can to cover the fee rate, then additionally the fee will not be charged from the desirable amount to withdraw (if there will not enough a bit, then the amount of fee rates will be added, and you will get a bit less on your PayPal account than you specified).

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful information/Reviews 
Deposit Service account = % + Good Deed
2019-04-08 12:57:50 (Friendship/Partnership: deposit service, percent, good deed, charity)

Depositing money for your Service account to purchase BetaRill's Services in nearest or future time, you get an advantage and do good deed in the same time:

1. you get additional percentage  as bonuses to your Service account on BR Wallet;

2. you join our Charity Program to help to those who need financial help.

So let's help others with benefits!

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful information/Reviews 
BetaRill's fees = Your Saving!
2019-02-17 15:40:38 (Friendship/Partnership: fees, saving, cashback, betarill, post)

BetaRill charges fees in next cases:

 1) Withdraw of your Transfer or Income accounts on BR Wallet;

2) Profit amount which you earned using special BetaRill Profit systems;

3) Monthly Balance of your Transfer, Income or both accounts on your BR Wallet

as additional percentage but returns this as your CashBack! That's BetaRill does not take a payment from you but just saves the percentage rate of fee on your Transfer account of your BR wallet.

This means you can to use the money further for any needs of yours within of BetaRill space (Transfer anyone, pay goods/services and etc)!

BR Fee Rates (Monthly Balance & Withdraw):

 Fee Rates you can to see on BR Walllet (tab: Rates), are from 1% to 0,1%.

BetaRill Profit Fee:

Learn more


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