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Deposit Service account = % + Good Deed
2019-04-08 12:57:50 (Friendship/Partnership: deposit service, percent, good deed, charity)

Depositing money for your Service account to purchase BetaRill's Services in nearest or future time, you get an advantage and do good deed in the same time:

1. you get additional percentage  as bonuses to your Service and  Transfer accounts 

2. you join our Charity Program to help to those who need financial help.

So let's help others with benefits!

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful 
BR Wallet Funds Account types
2019-02-18 16:02:59 (Investments/Finance: br wallet, available balance, betarill)

1. Service funds - funds which you can to spend only for purchasing BetaRill's services, unwithdrawable:

1) Deposit button: allows you to deposit Service funds account from your Checking funds account;

2) Get BR Services button: allows you to purchase BetaRill's services using your Service funds.

2. Bonus funds -  funds which you get using discounts, bonuses, cashbacks:the money are transfered automatically to your Service funds account, since you can to use them only to purchase BetaRill's services.

3. Transfer funds - funds which you can only to transfer to other BetaRill's members as Payment for a service/a product, an usual Money Transfer, Gift Coupon:

1) Deposit button allows you to deposit some amount of money for the account from your Checking funds accunt to transfer money to other BetaRill's members;

2) Transfer button allows to start to transfer money as a desirable amount and to the desirable BetaRill's member/receiver.

4. Income funds - funds are profits which you earn using special BetaRill Profits programs, your own sales, payments and usual money transfers:

1) Earn button  leads a speacial blog writing by BetaRill Team which tell about different earn methods on BetaRill;

2) Withdraw button allows to withdraw the profits/income funds to your Checking account at first. If you want to withdraw the money to your PayPal account, so do this from the Checking one.


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BetaRill's fees = Your CashBack!
2019-02-17 15:40:38 (Friendship/Partnership: fees, cashback, betarill)

BetaRill charges fees as additional percentage for some things but returns this as your CashBack!

It's the list what BetaRill charges fee for:

1) Withdraw your Income from your BRITS Account to your PayPal account;

2) Your profits from BetaRill.

Withdraw Fee Rates:

25%  - $30-$60

20% - $61-$90

15% - $91-$120

10% - $121- $150

5% + $6,5 - $151+

BetaRill Profit Fee:

Learn more


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Funds types on BR Wallet
2019-02-06 19:18:40 (Investments/Finance: br wallet, funds types, betarill)

1. BRAds(Ads Profits) - this is you earned using BRAds(BetaRill Ads Profit System)

2. Sale Profits - this is you earned Selling your own goods on BetaRill;

3. BRAFL(Affiliate Profits) - this is you earned using BRAFL (BetaRill Affiliate Friendly League);

4. Payment/Transfer - this is you got as a Payment or just usual transaction from another BetaRill's member;

5. Discount Funds - this is  one of Discount types which you get not directly purchasing a BetaRill's service but later to your E-Wallet account;

6. Plan Funds - this is you spent your money to purchase a BetaRill's Plan (Create Plan) which allows you to create different items in more quantity than just Free plans on BetaRill;

7.  Bonus Funds - this is an amount which you are provided as a gift from BetaRill by some special reasons (it's controlled by BetaRill's Bonus Programs);

8. Gift Coupon funds - funds which you get from other BetaRill's members, the funds you can to use only to purchase BR's services;

9. Gift Bonus funds - funds you are given from other BR's members, the funds which other BR's members give you from their own Bonus funds account; you can to use the funds only to purchase BR's services;

10. CashBack Funds (more details, here)

Note 1:  ##1-4  points: these funds you can to withdraw to your own PayPal account OR/AND to pay for BetaRill's services.

Note 2: ##5-10 points: these funds you can to spend ONLY to pay BetaRill's services.

Note 3: About Transfer, Service funds, read more here


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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful 
BetaRill E-Wallet balance
2019-02-06 18:04:28 (Investments/Finance: betarill e-wallet balance)

1. Total Profits -  money which you earned on BetaRill (Sale of your goods, BetaRill Affiliate Program, BetaRill Ads Profits). This money you can to withdraw and transfer to your PayPal account, but also to use for purchase of BetaRill's services.

2.  Other - money gotten by different bonuses from BetaRill and more (Discounts, Bonus Funds, CashBack, E-Wallet Deposit, Plan Funds). This money you CAN NOT to withdraw BUT ONLY to spend for BetaRill's services.

3. Total Balance display your total e-funds which you have on your BetaRill E-Wallet account. 



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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful 
How to view/manage your funds using BR E-Wallet?
2019-02-05 18:53:38 (Investments/Finance: view, manage, funds, e-wallet, betarill)

To view and to manage your money on BetaRill, use our special tool: BetaRill E-Wallet Manager.

*How to find the manager?

1) User Home Page => Business => E-Wallet Manager


2) UserNavBar (on the top) => $ icon

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BetaRill Team    BR Wallet    Useful 
What is BetaRill E-Wallet?
2019-02-05 17:58:54 (Investments/Finance: betarill e-wallet)

It's a special money transfer tool from BetaRill using which you can to:

 1. get/view earned funds

2.  pay BetaRill's services

3. transfer money to BetaRill's members as 1) Payment, 2) ordinary Money Transfer, 3) BetaRill Gift Coupon.

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