Message System: how to use it?
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Message System: how to use it?
2017-06-24 18:12:09 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: message, system)

What does Message System include on

1. Composition New Messages (to send it to an user on BetaRill).

2. Inbox (your received messages from other users).

3. Outbox (your sent messages to other users on BetaRill).

4. Message Requests (requests from other users to message you, this protects you from spammers,scammers and other undesirable messages)

How to get to the 4 above elements?

UserNavBar => Message icon (click it). 

What actions is possible to do with Messages?

1. Read; 2. Delete.

What actions is possible to do with Message Requests?

1. Approve; 2. Reject.

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