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VIP Membership: what is it?

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VIP Membership: what is it? (Service sector)
2017-05-14 18:50:23 (Marketing/Advertising: vip membership)

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What is the VIP Membership on

The VIP Membership allows to use other unique tools which can be very useful for usual users and who has a business purpose on

What does the VIP Membership include?

1. Swap elements on each tab of your Profile or Page.

2. Help:Correction,Tune, Fix on your User Profile and Company Page

3. Change rights of management for Pages between Users (employees of your company).

4. Change your username to whatever you want!

5. Mass Invitation (invite several users to one item (Business Pages, Groups) for one time.)

6. Mass Share (share one item with several elements (User Profiles, Business Pages, Blogs or Groups) for one time.)

===>>> Purchase VIP Membership

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