How to promote your Business

  1. Create your account on
  2. Fill maximum of fields out on your profile especially which are related to business part of you.
  3. Create a business page for any business activity of yours: a company, project and etc.
  4. Fill maximum of fields out in Basic part of the page.
  5. Select Your User Type.
  6. 1) Find your friends/relatives, coworkers/partners, other close people to you or your interests in system. 2) Add them to your Contact List. 3) Send Invitations to them to visit your business page.
  7. Use Affiliate Programs: Earn Money with Us!, Looking for partners with websites, We are open for a Cooperation!.
  8. Use our USEFUL Business Services.
  9. Place Partnership Offers to find more partners for your business.
  10. If you added new goods/services/job offers in the's system or you are looking for any goods/services/job/investor/business companion - inform potential customers/applicants/partners about this using the tab Posts and Events!
  11. If you visited an User Profile or any Business Page, don't forget to look all tabs! Or you can to skip that you are looking for, yourself!
  12. We advice you to make maximum actions of the list together!
  13. Read another useful article: Attract customers to your business
  14. Are there left any questions? Contact Us!

Your goods and services offers will be displayed in search results and on the page whose name you placed the offers.