Attract customers to your business

How to attract customers to your business/business page?

  1. Create a Business Page.
  2. Invite your contacts on using Invite Contact button on a business page of yours.
  3. Find potential customers using Users Search.
  4. Have finding necessary potential customers/users, add them to your Contact List and then invite them using Invite Contact button on a business page of yours.
  5. Find potential business using Business Search especially selecting Industry/Sector fields.
  6. Have finding necessary potential companies-customers, click the name of the Page Creator.
  7. Have gotten to the Page Creator Page, add the user to your Contact List and Invite the user using Invite Contact button.
  8. Make post about your business page on the page or on your profile and on the post add the link to the page.
  9. Share your posts, offers, pages on your BetaRill Contacts' profiles and on your profile of other social platforms.
  10. Join to our Affiliate Program.
  11. Use Promotion, or our other USEFUL Business Services
  12. Place Service Offers (if you provide any services).
  13. Place Partnership.
  14. Place Goods Offers (if you have goods for sale).
  15. Read another useful article: How to promote your business
  16. Are there left any questions? Contact Us!