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Message System: how to use it? (Information Technology)
2017-06-24 18:12:09 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: message, system)

What does Message System include on

1. Composition New Messages (to send it to an user on BetaRill).

2. Inbox (your received messages from other users).

3. Outbox (your sent messages to other users on BetaRill).

4. Mess ...

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How to lead a blog without any your own info?
2017-06-24 16:49:36 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: blogs)

As so happens sometimes (or enough often) that you (your company) need to lead a blog (for example, for marketing reason) but you have not any information or you don't know what to write about?

There are a few solutions:

1. You need to write maximum about your company (to get more idea about this variant you may to visit the official blog.

< ...

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BetaRill Team    Connecting Tools on BetaRill    Presentations 
2017-06-15 18:40:07 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: post, blog, group, business)
Posts, Blogs, Groups for Business!
Item: Post
Type: Presentations
Industry: Media and Entertainment
Sector: Internet media
Theme: Writing/Publishing/Blogging
Tags: post, blog, group, business
Date Posted: 2017-06-06 21:02:31
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Posts, Blogs, Groups for Business! (Media and Entertainment)
2017-06-06 21:02:31 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: post, blog, group, business)

Why is necesssary to do Posts, Blogs and Groups for your business?

Because the three elements are good Marketing Tools or your business.

What do Posts mean here?

It's the Posts which you can make on your User Profile or Business Page.

What to use Posts for your business better for?

The main meani ...

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Blogs System: what is it? (Media and Entertainment)
2017-05-16 19:57:36 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: blogs, marketing)

What is Blogs on

Using Blogs you can to write different things (in more details, below).

What I specify creating a blog?

1. Title

2. Type (General, Personal, Business, Technical, Support, Scientific, Social/Public)

3. Industry/Sector

4. Theme/Tags, 5. Description, 6. Upload an image for your blog

Note: Title, Type, Theme are necessary fields for fill ...

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Groups system: how to work with it? (Service sector)
2017-04-26 20:52:06 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: groups)

What is Group System on

Groups on BetaRill is such places where you can to talk, discuss a precise topic or present any news (use groups as news channels (more details below)).

What Group types BetaRill has?

1) precise (interests), 2) request for help, 3) industry, 4) the world, 5) countries, 6) local, 7) other ...

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Post System: how to use it? (Information Technology)
2017-04-02 17:47:56 (Writing/Publishing/Blogging: post, system)

What BetaRill Post System allows to do?

Post system on allows you to share any information and help other users find your posts super efficiently.

Where can you make posts?

You can post on your own User Profile, Business Pages, Groups, Blogs, or on other Users' ( Note: about Posting on other users' anything,read Notes on the bottom of the article).

Where will your posts displa ...

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Connecting Tools on BetaRill
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The dedicated blog for Posts, Blogs, Groups, Messages Systems of Follow this blog to learn News and Useful Tips for usage of the systems!
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