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Basic Info

Title: Industry: Provider:
Promotion Marketing and Advertising (Marketing and Ad)
Theme: Tags: Date Added:
Marketing/Advertising Business Service, Promotion 2016-06-15
Status: Schedule: Price:
available 24/7 0 USD (0 USD)


Types of promotion:

1. Display on Adbar(randomly)

2. Display on top of search list

3. Highlight inside search list

4. Show on UserType/Directions Page

5. Show on Similar Item/Offer Box

Promotion Packages:

1. Bronze Package(1 week)

2. Silver Package(2 weeks)

3. Gold Package(1 month)

4. Platinum Package(3 months)

Note: The packages contain all but 'Display on top of search list' promotion. You will need to purchase it separately if you want this sponsorship.

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